Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow #2

I still have a hard time believing on days like this that this is where we LIVE. We are not on vacation. It's not just for a year. We are here!! I've learned shoveling snow is for the birds. Especially when you are 32-33 weeks prego. This snow was actually, dare I say this about snow, BEAUTIFUL. Especially on the trees. Hard to get a good pic through the window. With me phone. Guess well venture out this afternoon. Oh and praise god for my freaking amazing neighbors who just walked down the street today and shoveled my driveway! They came down last week when they saw me out and finished it for me then too.
Stay warm. Blessings

Thursday, February 21, 2013

First half of our snow/blizzard day

Well as most of you know we got a huge snowstorm here today. To this Texan it looked like a blizzard this am. (Yes, I know I've never seen one but I can imagine this is what it would be like). Caleb woke up around 7 to go potty and I of course told him to get back in bed until our wake up time of 7:30. He is usually pretty good to comply and just reads in bed. At this time...no snow. By 8:00 this Is what it looks like out our back door (1st photo). So we continued our snow day by making Nutella French toast...aaaamazing! In case you can't tell by the boys faces.
As it continued to snow by about 9:30 I think we had atleast 6-8 inches. See second snow photo.
So we played trains for a while. Colored, painted etc...then Courtney gave me this brilliant idea to put shaving cream and food coloring in the bathtub. Atleast 30 min of good fun. AND bonus they smell like my grandpa used to. :) (Julie, sissy, I am sure you remember that distinct smell of "I'm thinking of a number between 1-10")
Then we had some lunch and a little tv time. They wanted to play in it all am but it was coming down so hard I kept saying no. Of course now it's stopped and they're napping. Darryl tells me it's just a "lull" and is supposed to start again soon... Oh dear. :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Caleb's 3rd Bday

Wow.  Almost a year!  Time flies and lots happens. But since I have given facebook for Lent so that I can enjoy my boys and spend time preparing my heart for the gift of Easter I will post some pics to the blog.  That way I am not tempted to spend my precious time stalking everyone else and their lives, but feel free to do so to mine.  ;-) 
Since its been almost a year you will have to forgive my posts as I can't remember how I use to do everything.  But enjoy the pictures...
Caleb had a great 3rd birthday.  Pirate themed of course!  Thanks to all the friends who came and made it so special.


 Couldn't have done it without his help and patience!

 Silly birthday boy!

 Little reader

 HA.  Our fruitless attempts at getting all the kids to take a picture on the couch...I guess this is what happens when you wait until the end of the party...watch the hilarity...

 On his birthday.  Caleb, we thank God everyday for the blessing that you are! What a miracle.  So grateful God has given you to us for this time.

 And a few snow pictures from our latest snow...this was my kind of snow! (TX snow..!)you could see the grass, the sun was shining and it melted in a day.  WOHOO!

 SO the boys just love to eat it! :)