Wednesday, October 19, 2011


A few things this mama of 2 under 2 cannot live without:

1. Double Jogger (at least for this mama)
2. Baby Bjorn (or your favorite baby carrier)
3. Naps! (for us it was babywise...)
4. Accepting imperfection (my house will likely be messy for years to come, but there is always fun had in its rooms. I will prob never be a size 6 again, but I have 2 beautiful boys to show for it!)
5. coffee...mmmm we are bestest buds!
6. patience has a whole new meaning! and God is faithful to renew it each morning...
7. Joy
8. friends and family
9. my hubby, lover, best friend, soul mate, partner, helper
10. God's grace


My Pumpkins:
(photos by Matthew Powell)