Thursday, January 30, 2014

Less Sleep?!

I feel like I am one of the few people in the world who should've made a new years resolution to sleep less.  I mean really.  What grown woman sleeps as much as me?  Darryl and I are usually in bed by 9:00 which means I'm asleep by approx. 9:01.  Seriously, as soon as my head hits the pillow I'm OUT! Darryl has an excuse.  I mean hes up at 6:00 at the absolute latest and has several nights a week where he gets 2-4hrs of sleep.  Me, on the other hand.  No excuse.  I.  Just.  Love.  Sleep. 
Ok enough.  I really need to get up at 5 to get everything accomplished in one day.  If i go to bed at 9 I should be able to do this.  But for some reason, 5 comes and goes and 6 is usually when I'm up.  New goal.  5:00.
SO today at bible study Father came to speak to us.  We are discussing Song of Solomon and he talked about going to place where you can just be with the Lord and talk with him like 2 young lovers.  (Funny, but I can remember talking to Darryl on the phone for HOURS when we were younger.  My parents swore we just listened to each other breathe.) So my happy place HAS to be "the country'.  I mean really.  Nature is just where God is. (Other than of course the adoration chapel, church, and holy communion) I cant think of a place that I would rather go and sit and talk with him than on the dock or front porch with the sun setting.  So today i have tried to picture it several times.  Its beautiful, peaceful, and I can feel his love.
And here are my cutie pies from our beautiful weekend last weekend.

Friday, January 24, 2014

"The best day ever"

IIt truly is the little things. After Darryl being oncall yesterday and last night he was home for this evening and he's off this weekend! So for our Friday night we went to "the boy store". Aka bass pro. And then to "mommys restaurant". Aka Jason's deli. After finishing off his ice cream, Caleb declared "this is the best day ever!" With a huge smile on his face. Thank god for this time. I'm so grateful for these years. They are flying by. And before long he will lose this precious innocence. If only bass pro, free ice cream, and an evening with our family could please us all...

Sorry for the super blurry phone pics...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

He makes all things new

This orchid just won't die on me! This is the third or fourth time it's put out blooms.  This time it has a ton! It must love this window. I do too. I get to see my precious kiddos run around outside it. 
Beautiful stained glass by who?! You wonderful sister...Becca! 
See also the precious model magic "snowman" Caleb made me. He old me it was to put in my window while I do dishes. What a sweet heart he has. 

Ps. Don't be fooled by the sunshine. It's 14 outside!