Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Morning

Well, I worked was so sad to leave my precious boys on Sunday but I am sure they had some great bonding time! =) This morning Caleb and I got to go for our run...I always feel so much better after run. Like I can take on the world, or at least our little world! So I am taking it on! Hope everyone has a blessed Monday! Thank God for a new week!

ps- Caleb is trying so hard to sit up on his own!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Being a Mommy

What a blessings being a Mommy is! Despite teething, fussing, changing diapers, 2:30 am feedings, lack of sleep, spit up on me, is such a blessing! Seeings a smile, a giggle, a cuddle, a peacefully sleeping baby, and all the new things he does each day! He is such a miracle! I mean really, can you believe that God allows us!! (darryl and madeline!!) to participate in the miracle of life?! Wow! I recently read this awesome book..."The Heart of Motherhood" by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle with a group of girls at church and I was going back through it this am looking at pages I dog-eared and found this JPII Quote I love...
"It is a disservice not only to children but also to women and society itself when a woman is made to feel guilty for wanting to remain home and nurture and care for her children. It is also necessary to counter the misconcepiton that the role of motherhood is oppressive to women and that a commitment to her family, particularly to her children, prevents a woman from reaching personal fulfillment and from having an influence in society. No response to woman's issues can ignore a woman's role in the family or take lightly the fact that every new life is entrusted to the protection and care of the woman carrying it in the womb." -- Pope john Paul II

WOW! Powerful! There is a reaosn I am meant to feel that my place in raising my kiddos and caring for my hubby! God Made me that way! THANK YOU LORD!

Hug your kids today!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SumMa FuN!

I cannot believe the summer is half-way over already! We have had so much fun! Caleb is getting so big and doing something new every day! Lately is into making smacking/popping noises with his mouth! He loves to play in our pool in the backyard, he is a little fishy! We went to the waterpark down the street and he seemed to enjoy that...briefly! It was a bit overwhelming! He had his first playdate with a friend of mine from work and her little girl...they both slept through the whole thing! He went to his first ranger's game! It was was a 7pm game and it was loud during his bedtime...but he was a trouper! He had his first 4th of July and got to watch the fireworks in the country! He was mesmorized by them! Just like his mommy!He went on his first plane ride and did fabulously! He is just such a happy baby, he makes me so happy!

We went to a good friend from high school's wedding last weekend and it brought back so many memories of our wedding! It was so much fun! WHat a blessing marriage is! We are so blessed that God gives it to us! And I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!

SPeaking of... he is doing well in school! He took his Step 1...(first board test!) and did great on it! We are all so thankful it is over! He is now in his 3rd year of medical school, and I am so proud of him!

I have attached some pictures of our glorious summer!