Monday, September 27, 2010

Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful day! It is Monday...yet the first day darryl and i have had off together in a long time! We are enjoying it at home as a family!
I went for a run at 6am and it was 55 degrees! What a shock! A beautiful shock! It made for a gorgeous run, with the beautiful sunrise! What a great way to start a day!
I came back to the house to my to sleeping babies! I was planning to sneak a warm cup of coffee and my sweats on and head to the back porch for some quiet time...Caleb had other plans =) But he enjoyed his bottle on the porch!
Then daddy woke up and we got to go to daily mass together. We were planning to head to the park after that, but yet again Caleb had other plans...napping! You can never turn down a nap!
Then we got to go to our favorite sushi place for lunch, followed by errands without caleb! (i so took this for granted BC-before caleb).
We are planning to head to the park when C-man wakes up!

I love my little family! They are so precious to me!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Slow Down!

Slow Down! Take a deep breath! Enjoy the fresh fall breezes!
This morning Caleb decided to go back to sleep after getting up to eat at 7am...I got to sit on the back porch, drink my coffee and read, enjoying the 70 degree morning and the beautiful sunrise God painted for me. I was thinking about we rush around so much! ( I am SO guilty of this!) GO GO GO! Get up, start laundry, iron, feed caleb, do dishes, run errands, fix lunch, fix dinner, get everyone ready for bed etc...I feel like the past week I have barely caught by breath, between being out of town working 2 full 12+ hour days, and trying to do everything else! I haven't enjoyed my husband, my son, and I've missed a multitude of little blessings God has wanted to share with me! So this week I am going to try to just slow down and enjoy each and every moment! Life is time with my loved ones is not guaranteed! I will hug my baby boy when he wakes and enjoy the fact that I can hear him cry (he is teething and yesterday was rough!). There are so many moms who don't get to hear their babies cry...(NICU moms!) I will enjoy my few moments each day with my wonderful husband! Instead of giving him Caleb as soon as he gets home and then running around trying to do things I can't do all day with Caleb, I will just sit and be with him. Those things can wait...If there are few dirty dishes in the sink we will all live...
Lord, thank you for these refreshing fall breezes! And all the many blessings I enjoy! Help me to see you in everything, all day! Help me to look for you everywhere!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am so proud of darryl! He has finished Family Med rotation and is onto Internal medicine. This year seems to be just flying by! He seems to be already enjoying i-med more than family after just one day! He came home yesterday and told me about several things he got to DO! Please pray with us as we pray that God will show darryl where and what it is that he is to do. Darryl does not know yet what specialty he wants to go into and he is trying to keep his mind and heart open to God's will as he experiences many new things this year!

We got to spend this last weekend in San Antonio with my sister and brother-in-law, as Darryl had the weekend completely off! It was so much fun! We went down to a pretty area where I was able to run, then we took caleb to their pool, went to mass, played rock band, went to the zoo and just really enjoyed their company! It was such a fun trip!

Now, back to reality! With my hubby being gone all day =(

Caleb is continuing to grow like a weed! His third little tooth is saying hello! His top right tooth. He sits well on his own. Scoots himself around like a pro (time for serious baby-proofing! any recommendations are appreciated!) and tries to pull up on anything he can get a hold of. He continues to keep us entertained and bring us joy!

God is so good! I am going to be an AUNT! WOHOO! I can't wait to find out if I will be an aunt or an uncle ;-) (niece/nephew).

Hope all is well for each of you! Ready for some fall weather here!



a few pics from labor day weekend at my parents' house and our weekend in SA!