Monday, July 25, 2011


Children are the most important possession parents are entrusted with”

"Being a father or a mother is not simply a matter of bringing children into the world. The capacity for generation, which is a share in the creative power of God, is meant to have a continuation. Parents are called to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the development of their children into men and women who will be authentic Christians.
The parents are the first persons responsible for the education of their children, in human as well as in spiritual matters. They should be conscious of the extent of their responsibility. To fulfill it, they need prudence, understanding, a capacity to love and a concern for giving good example."

Thats a lot of pressure if you ask me!!

5 Fun Facts:

1. I love to sew! You should check out my etsy site...I am having a sale! enter coupon code 30off for 30% off

2. Caleb is still taking 2 1.5-2hr naps a day -- WOHOO

3. I *hate* having dirty floors...but it has become a way of life with little ones

4. I love it when my hubby puts his arm around me...especially at mass for some reason

5. Jonah loves to be cuddled = happy mom!

Blessings, M

Enjoy these photos taking by my amazing bro-in-law!


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  1. Thanks Madeline we really appreciate that. On a happy note that is sure a handsome little man you have there! Hope all is going well with your two sweet kiddos!!