Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ok. Forizzle (ha. When I say things like this, or true dat, etc...darryl laughs so hard at me! And it makes me smile too...so please do not take me too seriously.) I am back! I am planning to blog during lent instead of facebook. This way, people who want to keep up with us/see pictures of the boys can...but I won't be tempted to stalk every human being possible. I think I am going to download the Magnificat Lenten companion for my phone (.99 well spent) and delete my facebook app. This way when I am nursing Jonah or whatever I will have something that edifies my soul. Also, I want to be more present. I was playing with the kids at the park the other day (we go pretty much every day) and saw several moms just playing on their phones. Sad... I do not want to be that mom!!
I will try to remember to link to fb...stay tuned because there is some exciting news coming during lent!


  1. I will miss stalking you guys on FB. I can't wait to hear the exciting news so please link it. The picturea you posted are precious and remins me of how my girls show affection to each other. love melanie

  2. I am ready for your exciting news!!! We made a choice last year that we were not going to be on FB, well I was not going to be on FB and dear hubby was not going to play nintendo. We got rid of both and I have to say our marriage really did a 180, it is amazing and we advocate daily for no FB. I can't believe your husband is a 4th year!! That's so exciting! Wish we lived closer together, I feel like we are kindred spirits!

    1. Kendall,
      I feel the same way! I would love to live closer and take our boys to the park etc! We love play dates! We may end up that way come march...we will find out! If so I see a playdate in out future! No fb has been awesome!! I haven't even missed it one bit! I feel like when I am with my husband or precious babes I am really there, not playing on my phone or comp. Awesome! Hope y'all are well! Xoxo