Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy 29 Sissy

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Big Sister.
If you do not have a sister, especially a big sister, I am sorry.  You have missed out on a true blessing!  Well, at least I think so.  This may be because I am partial and believe I have the best big sister ever.
Today she is 29!  I am so thankful God gave me a big sister...here are 29 reasons why(in no order)

1. I needed someone to look up to
2. Who else would have stood up for me and protected me in high school?
3. I needed a best friend growing up
4. She'll ALWAYS be there for me
5. I needed someone to have babies to be my babies cousins
6. So she could do things first and try them out and let me know how to REALLY do it
7. I needed someone to annoy when I was little (and prob some now too)
8.  An example
9. I need someone to help me take care of mom and dad later on
10. I need someone to call any day or night
11. I needed company on drives back and forth to Tyler
12. I need someone to cry to when babies are wearing me out
13. I needed a big fan while I was in high school
14. I needed someone to teach me to be a Horned Frog
15. I needed a shoulder to cry on and room to run to when I was a baby horned frog
16. I needed someone to move away from TX, survive, and return safely
17. I needed someone to introduce me to
18. I needed someone to play school with
19. I needed someone to love my babies like only an aunt can

20. I need someone to show me how to be a woman of God

21. I needed someone to go through the whole wedding/marriage thing first

22. I needed someone to help me make it through my teens

23. I need someone who forgives me

24. I need someone who is a therapist ;)

25. I needed someones footsteps to follow in...we all know I am not a born leader (like Courtney)

26. I needed someone to share a room with! and push the twin beds together with and have Dad fall asleep in the crack!

27. I needed someone to make memories with!

28. I needed someone to love me!

29.  I needed someone to turn 30 before me!

Sissy, thanks for being there for me! I love you!  Wish we could've been there to help you celebrate!

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