Thursday, January 20, 2011


“Don't be sorry to be nothing”
Don't worry if they see your defects; the offense against God and the scandal you may give; that is what should worry you. Apart from this, may you be known for what you are and be despised. Don't be sorry to be nothing, since then Jesus will have to be everything for you. (The Way, 596)

Wow! So much in these few words! Please, see my faults, they are plenty! In my faults I give way for God to perfect...not that it is achievable in this lifetime, but still a goal.
Worry?! What should I worry about except "the offense against God and the scandal I may give"? Worry is such a constant fault of mine. Rather than trusting in God to care for me and my family, I try to take control and forget that God has much better plans and much better ways than I do.

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