Monday, January 31, 2011


With February around the corner, a good homily at mass, and so much to LoVE, why not post about LoVE?
Top 10 LoVE's
10. Being a nurse
9. Exercise
8. Cooking/Baking (not the clean up!)
7. Being creative
6. Housewifery
5. Catholicism
4. Friends and Family
3. Caleb & #2
2. My hubby
1. Jesus Christ -- and all he offers! His LoVE, his mercy, his grace, his blessings...the list goes on!

When Darryl, Caleb, and I got to go to daily mass the other day the homily really stuck with me. The priest talked about how life isn't "fair." God's love and mercy isn't "fair." But that isn't what God is about...He said that God LoVEs some people more than others...WHAT?! YES!! He does...Of course, God LoVEs the blessed Mother more than me...she is much more capable of accepting his LoVE than I am. Some people are better receivers than others, Fact. If you receive well, more will be given to you. So, I am working on being more accepting of LoVE, more open, a more gracious receiver, so that I can be able to GIVE more LoVE.

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