Thursday, June 2, 2011


"Blessed are you for believing'', said Elizabeth to our Mother. Union with God, supernatural virtue, always brings with it the attractive practice of human virtues: Mary brought joy to her cousin's home, because she brought Christ. (Furrow, 566)

I love to see my precious boy bring joy to people's lives. He is such an example to me!

So much to share, so little time! Things have been busssssy! Lots of road trips, comings and goings, which of course means packing and unpacking. But we are enjoying it! Darryl just finished third year today! WOHOOO! So proud!
Leaving tomorrow for our vacation/wedding trip/darryl takes the 1st part of Step II in Houston.


I just love this picture! The story is pricesless...Courtney and I were packing up the car to head to Athens for Becca's 8th grade graduation, she knew Liam was tired and just needed to get in the car so she put him on our bed while we packed up and Darryl was on "Caleb duty". Liam started wailing and the next thing we know Darryl walks outside and states "I'm ready for 2!" Both babies in his arms and happy! What a good man!



  1. So awesome! Y'all will be such great parents, again!! I hope everything is going well and I love y'all!!

  2. Love it!! Darryl is definitely the "baby-whisperer"...He can come to our house ANYTIME!! Love you guys so much...can't wait for the beach!

  3. Oh my goodness I have not thanked you for the amazing blanket and burp cloths you made for me, via Melissa :) And yes I would love to hear all about how you also feel the desire to stay at home, and some words of encouragement. Hope you are feeling well and getting ready for that new baby