Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Chapters...

Several new happenings in the Blalock household...

1) Yesterday residency applications were submitted. Exciting and scary. It is all up to God! Interviews will start in December. Please say special prayers that Darryl's application will fall into the right hands, that we will have the patience and peace needed to trust God, and that God's plan will be revealed to us, mainly Darryl...

2) I am unemployed...
After many prayers and lots of thought Darryl and I decided this was best for our family. Things are crazy busy around our house. I feel God has called me to the vocation of wife and mother first! The new children's hospital was going to be a big move, plus working in the PICU always keeps you on your toes. I felt like the amount of shifts I was going to be able to work I wouldn't be able to keep up my skills and feel comfortable in a new hospital. It was just time to make this decision. My babies and hubby are too important. It was a hard decision...I LOVED my job! I LOVED being a nurse and being able to care for people. I loved the people I worked with. But it was time to listen to God's call...“Here I am, Lord, ready to do whatever you want.”

"What do I have to do to maintain my love for God and make it increase?'' you asked me, fired with enthusiasm. Leave the ``old man'' behind, my son, and cheerfully give up things which are good in themselves but hinder your detachment from yourself. You have to repeat constantly and with deeds, "Here I am, Lord, ready to do whatever you want.'' (The Forge, 117)

3) we are waiting for the Fall chapter to unfold (with cooler weather)

My in-laws anniversary is next week so Happy Anniversary to them! I've been blessed with good examples of marriage in my parents and darryl's.

I will post more pics later...babes are calling


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  1. Unemployed?! Lucky!! :) That's great I am so happy for you! I know I can't believe they are getting so big so fast! Will be praying for Darryl's residency location and your new job ;)