Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Emotional roller coaster/update

The past 24 hours have been a little crazy at our house.
For those who don't know I have had some blood pressure problems over the past 2 weeks. Nothing terrible. I had this problem with the boys (just much farther along). 2 weeks ago the dr started me on medication. Yesterday I started having some blurry vision and tingling in my left hand along with a headache. My bp was pretty high. At one point up to 180/110. So I went in to dr office. Thankfully there was no protein in my urine and baby girls were doing just fine. So she upped my medication and put me on bedrest. Ha. Bedrest with Caleb and Jonah?! So she told me I had to get some help. Someone had to come. Of course...super mom to the rescue is on the road to Kansas City in less than 24 hours. Thankful that everyone else in my family is willing to let said super mom leave her ranks there. Dad, as she will be here for their anniversary. Becca, because poor kid, her 16 year old life seems to revolve around babies (but atleast they're girls right bec?!) and Courtney/Liam because she will miss Liam's 2nd bday party.
In the meantime I have been overwhelmed by the love and support from people here. The phone calls, emails, prayers, offers of meals, & of course LISA BOYKIN coming over this am to clean my kitchen, help with laundry, and little boys until mom can get here. I am truly blessed.
Of course this is not according to my plans...no one checked with me to see if had everything done before putting me on bedrest... No one asked if I wanted to lay in bed for the next days/weeks. If I was ready to give up my little life yet. But alas, god knows best. As so many have reminded me...enjoy it while I can. So I will try. :)
I am also so grateful for my hubby, Who put up with me crying all day yesterday. Who "gently" reminded me the dr was serious. (Bedrest apparently doesn't mean finishing sewing projects.)And that it will all work out just right. Mwah. What would I do without you?!

"And when I have been emptied of myself, fill me with yourself. May I never become attached to anything here below. May LOVE always sustain me." (The Forge, 41.

So I am taking recommendations of books to read. Netflix shows to get addicted to and watch from start to finish or any other ideas of things I can do while "laying on my left side, or slightly reclined". Thanks all!


  1. Aww, sorry! If I weren't on PICU, I would come keep you company :) Have you read "Bringing up Bebe"? It's the closest I've come to reading a parenting book. And possibly the only book I've read in residency...Oh and "Once Upon A Time" is a cute show on netflix to get addicted to! Stay calm and safe and incubate! -Andie

  2. Haha. Incubate. I love it! Wish you could come too!! I hope you are feeling well!

  3. Praying for you, Madeline! How lucky your 2 boys, and 2 girls are to have a holy mom like you!

    And, as far as Netflix recommendations...check out Friday Night Lights. It's so addicting and a great look at small town Texas :).

  4. I'm so sorry Madeline! But seriously, do try to relax and enjoy it. Have you watched Doc Martin? Downton Abbey? We'll think of some good books. You-all are in our thoughts and prayers. Cecilia and Darryl will take great care of you!!!

  5. Our prayers are with you and Darryl and those precious boys! Take care of yourself and God will do the rest.....speaking of "rest"....girl, take advantage of your "time off" because you're going to need it when those bundles of joy arrive!! You are in his loving arms and you will soon see those pretty little faces on your girls and it will all be worth it!! You'll have plenty of time to sew some pretty outfits for those babies. You are an incredible Mom and wife and niece and daughter and daughter-in-law....granddaughter, sister, child of God...God will provide. Don't worry about a thing!! Let joy replace or erase any worry that crosses your mind. Everyone is so excited for you and Darryl....your body is a vessel for these babies and you are doing just fine!! God loves you and so does everyone else who knows you!! Please send pictures!! Post them on FB for everyone to see! Have you ever read "The Vow"??? It's awesome! Don't see the movie, though....not the same!!