Tuesday, March 29, 2011


First of all, it has been way too long! So much has happened, things have been so busy etc...

MY NEPHEW/GODSON was born! Sorry, I was a little busy! =) PS-- he is absolutely precious! Check out my sister's blog to see more pics... thepowellsposting.blogspot.com

So, if you know me at all, you know that I am a list maker...just like my mother! Darryl likes to give me hard time about all my lists; grocery list (of course split into the Sams list, Wal-Mart list, HEB list, Target list...) my multiple to-do lists (today to-do, this week to-do, "would be nice to-do" etc). So here is my list of things I wish that I had more time, energy, money, knowledge, etc to be good at/learn...any tips, suggestions, references etc are welcome!

1. keeping my house clean
2. organizing
3. photography
4. working on my blog/making a website
5. comp. stuff in general
6. sewing
7. surviving with less sleep
8. decorating the house
9. being a good listener
10. being a better teacher to Caleb

not to be totally negative...i do feel blessed, and am thankful for the many talents and abilities i do have!
1. i think i am ok at cooking/baking (wish I had more time to do cake decorating again)
2. i have 2 long legs to run with! (when i am not pregnant!)
3. i try to be a loving, nurturing, supportive wife and mommy
4. i like to at least think i am compassionate
5. i love my lord and savior -- Jesus Christ!

Looking forward to our upcoming weekend in San Antonio with my sis, her hub, and precious Liam for her birthday...we really didn't get to see much of the handsome man while we were there!

One more side note...i am so proud of my hubby! He is doing so well in school! He just got his surgery grade and did fabulously...i have to brag for him, because i know he is too humble to do so!

beautiful parents!

enjoying a family outing to the wildlife ranch

Uncle Darryl


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