Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Holy Spirit

Well, I am praying to the Holy Spirit today to give me strength! We are trying to implement babywise recommendations into our lifestyle, only we are starting a little late...I am praying that this is the right thing to do and that God will give me the strength to listen to my baby cry, knowing that in the end it is what is best for him. Sleep is so important for my little guy, but he fights it so badly! I have been talking with a very wise woman from church who has 6 beautiful children that are very well behaved, with wonderful manners, selfless children...she said they did babywise and it teaches them self-control etc...a fruit of the holy spirit! Therefore I am praying for the same for me! Self-control not to run in there when he starts crying! (or has been crying for 20 min!) It should only take several days and then we should be good! Please pray for us!

Looking forward to this coming weekend...

*going to Fort Worth (in and of itself AMAZING!)

*see Courtney and Matthew and baby belly

*TCU game

*20 -mile race



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  1. Good Luck. Oh do you implement babywise on a child that is 3yrs old, who desperately needs sleep? Let me know if that wise woman has some answers for a desperate momma...lol. I will say some prayers, you already have so much strength and I know you can do it. HUGS!